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is saying it’s so

OCTOBER 5, 2022

What can I SEY about this coffee? Would you SEY you'd want to Try? I probably should just SEY what coffees I brought in to TRY.

Alright, alright, thank  you for hanging in there while I got that out. This has been a coffee I almost gave up on bringing in, but a huge shout out to Matt at SEY COFFEE for working out a deal. Each coffee is roasted to highlight delicate notes that are unique to the coffee, process, and terroir. I have been gifted this coffee in the past and some of you have been lucky enough to get a cup. Believe me when I SEY,  this coffee is worth a TRY.

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is celebrating wins

SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

Another Champion added to our shelf. Felix Teiretzbacher is the World Coffee Roasting Champion of 2022. We are beyond excited for such a small coffee roastery to reach a colossal achievement. We are even more excited that we get to Try.

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Photo by Mark Kushimi

is not in New York


New coffees are on the way! This order is coming from Manhattan Coffee Roasters.  Their team sources from some unbelievable micro-lots that we still have customers reminiscing about. Without a doubt, they would also beat any of the others roasters we bring in at a latte art throw-down.  The ETA for these coffees will be September 7th!

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is feeding cats

MARCH 8, 2022

There are cats on the balcony. Their given names are Top and Roof. We haven’t gotten a chance to ask them what their actual names are. They are digging in the plant pots. We think they are pooping.

This week’s international roaster comes from the UK - Square Mile Roasters. Read more about them and the cats here.
is drinking Momo’s

MARCH 22 2022

Gobi got a haircut one day and we all loved it so much that we had to take photos. Here is one of them:

This week we are featuring one of our favorite roaster’s Momos! Come by the shop before they all sell out because this one has been a past favorite. Read about Momo’s here
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